How to remove wax stains

wax stainSo it seemed like a good idea to illuminate your interior with the glow of a candle. A good idea? Sometimes, but you find big stains of wax on your carpet the next day. If wax has fallen on a carpet and you are looking for how to make it disappear, look no further, we have the solution.

Best method:

Use your iron

Plug your iron into a outlet where it can reach the wax stain.  Set it to minimum power and do not use the steam function if it has one.

Scrape the surface of the carpet with a knife to remove as much wax as you can.  The back of a butter knife will work. Do this while the iron is hot.

Lay a piece of paper or paper towel over the remaining wax and place the iron over it.
Move the iron slowly, as if you were ironing  your clothes and make sure you do not burn anything. The heat from the iron will melt the wax that will be absorbed by the paper.
Continue passing the iron on the paper or clean cloth until the wax is fully absorbed.

Check carpet stains. If stains or color are still there: Try to blend the stain in by rubbing it with a white cloth or cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to soak the carpet with isopropyl alcohol, as it could destroy your carpet.

Continue to blend the spot until it disappears completely.
Cover the wet surface with a clean cloth on which you should rest books and other heavy objects that will stay there for a while to absorb the messed.

If this method doesn’t work for whatever reason then get a professional company to service your carpets like this one.  Read here about some of the benefits or pro cleaning.