Choosing a Bed: Basic Tips

Do you feel that you do not rest enough and in the morning you get up with back pain? Then you should rethink if your bed covers your basic needs in terms of comfort and stability. Most likely, if it is an inherited or many-year-old bed, it has fulfilled its purpose and is warning you that you need a new one.

What is certain is that in choosing your next bed you must be careful and analyze factors such as space, surface, support and access, at the end of the day this is the place where you spend a third of your time.


The bed space is essential and should be enough so that you can support your whole body comfortably. The wider the bed the greater guarantee of comfort you will have, but you will always be limited to the amount of meters you have in your room.

When you are choosing the bed you should try it lying down for at least 15 minutes, to check that you can turn around without difficulty. If it is shared you must go with your partner since they can have different opinions. It is generally recommended that the bed measures 20 cm more than the height of the highest person, so that they are 10 cm above the head and under the feet.

Double Beds were designed for two people but are not ideal for marriage, the most desirable options to have enough space are the Queen Size, Olympic Queen or King Size, which are the largest that exist.

The accessibility

The height of the bed is also important for you to feel comfortable lying down and getting up. If the bed is for an older person or someone who has mobility problems, a height between 50 and 60 cm is recommended for easy access. Under the bed the minimum height should be 30 cm, mainly to perform cleaning tasks in the room.

The surface

The choice of mattress is a matter of personal preference and you have three options: soft, hard or very hard. These characteristics vary from brand to brand, but as a rule both ends are detrimental. A mattress too hard causes stiffness and is as bad for the back as a very soft one.

If it is too soft it will not hold the body enough, so it is not recommended for people with a lot of weight. As there is no magic recipe you must try them all, until you find one of medium firmness, neither too hard nor too soft.

If you want to not fail in your choice, air mattresses are one of the most reliable mattresses on the market for guests. A king size air mattress in particular would be a great choice.

The support

You should also choose a flexible support for your mattress, is what is known as the topper. This choice is somewhat complicated by the amount of materials and technologies that are used today, so researching can be a good idea.

In addition the choice of the mattress will be conditioned by the mattress chosen or vice versa. If you choose a bed frame made of fibers or wood that allows ventilation, you will be able to have a greater number of possibilities for types of mattress. Now, if the mattress is metallic or other less breathable, you should use latex or foam materials preferably. Either way the ideal situation is to have a winning duo is and choose both the mattress and the topper of the same brand, and if possible get them together.

Finally we recommend to opt for a headboard and a foot of bed, these can be useful if you have space, since they serve you of support and they look aesthetically very well.