Use the cryptocurrency safer with the service

Mixing of coins helps owners of the cryptocurrency to raise the anonymity during transactions. This is needed a lot because every owner is responsible for his safety. There is no controlling organization in the system, so the mixing of coins with helps to prevent tracking and hacking.

The birth of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the types of digital currency. Here are the main features of such cryptocurrency:

  • Its issue and accounting are based on different cryptographic methods
  • Its functioning is decentralized in a distributed computer network
  • The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin.

The second most popular cryptocurrency is lightcoin. This system originated as a branch of bitcoin in October 2011, its founder was a former employee of Google Charlie Lee. The currency website notes that it is characterized by a faster confirmation time of transactions and increased storage efficiency compared to bitcoin.

 crypto currency

Bitcoin and lightcoin can be compared with gold and silver. To date, there are already a dozen or less large cryptocurrencies and a total of about 700. But it is bitcoin that develops most intensively. Thereby, the hacker’s attention is the stronger, so the need for mixing services like are huge.

The anonymity in the bitcoins

The system of this cryptocurrency is based on mixing two features – anonymity and transparency. They are manifested in such characteristics of the transaction:

  • All transactions are transparent and every user can see each transaction
  • The transaction is based on anonymity – you cannot see the sender and receiver.

The anonymity can be improved even more by using